Forget Trello.

Trello based application systems are so old fashioned, switch to Terabyte Services today! This is a customly designed site crafted to make application reviewing as easy as cake.

Elegant setup.

Switching to Terabyte Services could not be easier.
We write all the code for you, all you have to do is publish the game to your profile or group.

Simple updating.

Our whole system is cloud based,
that means changes you make to your centre on our site are instantly sent to ROBLOX.

You never have to make any changes via ROBLOX studio ever.

Designed for automation.

We've baked an automated group ranking solution into the core of our amazing service.
As soon as a member of your team accepts an application, we'll instantly rank them in your groups.

How we stack up

We're the best solution for Roblox applications.

Terabyte Services Trello-based
Custom built
Designed for Roblox
Automatic Updates
Codeless setup
Auto Group Ranking
Auto PMs
Auto Join Requests Management
Number Line Answer
Multiple Choice Answer
Typing Speed Test
Time Limits
Community Discord
The "Trello-based" system represents the majority of Trello based competitors.

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