This document describes the current plans for Terabyte Services. These plans are subject to change depending on user demand.

Terabyte Services will be launching their new fully featured platform for managing your role playing community early next year; we’re calling it TBS20.

What will TBS20 be?

We’re going to use what we’ve learned from our incredibly successful TBS4 application platform to build TBS20 from the ground up.

TBS20 will be incredibly versatile; built in a way to allow easy integration with various platforms - including: Discord, Reddit, Teverse and Roblox.

Application Clients - an incredible overhaul

TBS20 will come with multiple application clients, these are essentially different ways of collecting applications.

One of the advantages of TBS4 was that we hosted your centres for you and applied updates automatically. This is still a driving factor for TBS20 and all of our application clients will automatically update and will be managed via our web dashboard.

Previously, TBS4 was a closed system. We’re changing this with TBS20 by opening up our web API for anyone to use. TBS20 will initially launch with these application clients that we want to be open sourced:

In TBS4, application centres required your users to load a Roblox game. In TBS20 this is improved by opening up applications clients to multiple platforms.

For the desktop/mobile application - Your users will navigate to your own custom TBS20 URL to download a small dedicated secure app built via Teverse and this will be launchable via the user’s desktop. We think you’ll love this feature, especially once you get your own custom branded application.

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