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A powerful all-in-one human resources management platform for your online communities.



Terabyte Services has deep integration with Discord and Roblox, if your community uses either of those platforms, our services are perfect for you. We can automate your staff management across ALL platforms with useful tools such as activity tracking, auto promotions, points tracking, payslips, and more!

We're looking for more platforms to integrate with.

Community Driven

Our services are driven by the community. Request a feature or integration that's useful for managing online communities, and we'll implement it!

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Reliability built in

Our systems are built on infrastructure built to scale. It's as simple as that, there's no need to worry as your community grows!

Terabyte Services is free.

Our evolving services are free forever. That's right, we have no plans to bring in a paid tier. All of our features are free for everyone.

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