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We've hosted 56797 ROBLOX centres so far.

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45169 Users Registered
56797 Centres Created
536803 Questions Hosted
3278219 Application Responses Stored
3174 Bots running

About Us

Terabyte Services is an organisation from the game ROBLOX that innovates new products and solutions for our customers. We provide the best application centre platform for our customers, there's no competition - we're right for everyone. Our unique service is completely cloud based meaning no one ever has to touch ugly code ever again, are you ready to ditch the old solutions that use Trello? We're waiting for you, and we can't wait to improve your groups. Our young platform already has over 45139 users registered and with extremely low prices, our service is worth it. Our cloud based application service that allows for groups to upload their centre to a game has allowed for 56797 application centres to thrive from our unique service.

Automation is our passion

We provide a new take on everything. Terabyte Services is driven forward by innovation which is why we are able to provide a unique experience to all of our customers; we strive to impress you. That's why we've took the lead in making automation easy, our state of the art centre platform means that you can easily send automated PMs and automatically rank people with a click of a button, and we can only get better.


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